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Support for Donald Trump SURGES as people from all backgrounds join to take America back. WOW! You HAVE to see this! *It’s not just an awakening. It’s a MOVEMENT!!

The 290 Million dollar case against the truckers (and you) with Marty Moore

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** Facebook has been disallowing our streams! Find and follow us on https://LGM.news I would like to bring more awareness to the class action suit against the truckers. When I heard Marty speaking on it I didn’t waste a second to ask him to join us to give it to us “straight from the horses […]

The Spiritual Fight for America

The fight isn’t between black and white, republican and democrat, or man and woman. The fight is good versus evil! The fight is Truth versus Lies! The media can’t believe Iowa voters don’t trust CNN all the while ignoring Steven Sund and his accounts of what happened on January 6th. Finding the lies and pointing […]

The Left Has Officially Unified the GOP!!

SMOKESCREEN ALERT! Donald Trump will be indicted AGAIN – THIS time, for “seditious conspiracy” for mullegedly inciting 1/6. What’s the smoke supposed to cover? ON THE RECORD testimony TODAY from two whistleblowers with damning info about the Biden Crime Family. Typical namby-pamby Republicans are uniting and rallying behind Trump. This is truly remarkable.

The Criminal & The Smokescreen

COINCIDENCE? The DAY Congress sees PROOF of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden reportedly each being bribed $5 MILLION EACH by a Ukrainian gas oligarch – President Trump is indicted. Again. Don’t let your eyes become clouded. WE HAVE THE FACTS YOU NEED TO SEE AND HEAR!!! (And those classified documents? Yeah. It’s not looking good […]

The Scumbag Boomerang

No wonder the left is always so miserable. Look at their leaders, their policies, their schemes and their lies! And it’s all coming back like a boomerang. BUCKLE UP for today’s PASSWORD, Schiff’s lies, Fetterman’s fumble, and some “skull crushing” sound.

Tucker Joins Us in the New Media

It’s simple, really. All we want is the truth. Traditional “media” lie, twist and propagandize (think Texas Mall Shooter). Coercion and freedom can’t coexist, so a new media that we are part of has taken shape… and Tucker Carlson has just entered it. Why this matters to EVERYONE who values our most basic right: The […]

When Lies Become Too Big to Manage

The border. Job cuts. Business closures. Food prices. Crime. The left’s plan is to destroy America by a thousand cuts, but their cover ups have unraveled and the media are pushing back. Tune in today for the triumphant sound of PANIC.

Why COVER UP is The Phrase That Pays

WOW! WHAT A SHOW. Wayne Peters digs into Katie Hobbs’ alleged drug cartel bribes laundered through bogus real estate transactions and rigged elections. And CATHERINE ENGELBRECT is LIVE as she sues for access to a router proving CHINA has total access to our voter rolls and machines. Plus – the mad scramble to protect Fauci […]

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