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Why COVER UP is The Phrase That Pays

WOW! WHAT A SHOW. Wayne Peters digs into Katie Hobbs’ alleged drug cartel bribes laundered through bogus real estate transactions and rigged elections. And CATHERINE ENGELBRECT is LIVE as she sues for access to a router proving CHINA has total access to our voter rolls and machines. Plus – the mad scramble to protect Fauci […]

The East Palestine Photo Op

If a picture says a thousand words, showing up 18 DAYS after one of the worst ecological disasters in modern history says even MORE about your concern for others. WAY TO SHOW UP, GOVERNOR SHAPIRO. For the photo. YOU DIDN’T EVEN LET THEM SHOW YOU THE TRACKS. Buckle up. I’m hot today.


In DAMNING emails unearthed in Hunter’s laptop, we now have PROOF not just of Joe Biden’s involvement in energy deals with Ukraine, but that Donald Trump KNEW ABOUT IT and was impeached because of it! (Does anyone have Alexander Vindman’s phone number? 😉

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