With Former Canadian Forces Dragoon Neil Sheard organizer of Rolling Thunder 2023

Tonight: Neil Sheard former Royal Canadian Dragoon Neil Sheard who’s organizing #RollingThunder2023 in Ottawa next month…. also “Special Rapporteur” David Johnston says a public inquiry into Chinese Interference is not necessary (as expected), another Trudeau international embarrassment, new Covid cases skyrocket in China into the millions and more

with Maxime Bernier leader of the People’s Party of Canada

Tonight: Maxime Bernier joins the show (he’s running in the upcoming by-election in Portage-Lisgar June 19th), we’ll talk Chinese interference, the WHO pandemic treaty, Bill s-233 (the universal basic income act), Bill C-21 (the gun bill) passed the house today, digital currency, WEF and more

May 16th/2023 with Wayne Peters of What’s Up Canada

Tonight: Wayne Peters of What’s Up Canada joins to discuss, among other things, Chris Sky’s mayoral campaign in TO, MB Tories appear to support child porn books in libraries, idiot reporter argues with Poilievre about why criminals commit crime, US congresswoman moves to impeach FBI director and more

May 10th/2023-Is China playing both sides?

Tonight: A different type of show tonight…a lecture from Dr. James Lindsay on marxism, Naomi Wolfe’s 10 step guide to fascism, Wild fires in AB causing political smoke, New Canadian passport erases history, Maxime Bernier and more

Shadoe at Nite May 9th/2023 w/LT Steven Rogers

Tonight: The LT gives us an update on his SOS Canada campaign and more, Tucker Carlson has announced his next show, Canada expels Chinese diplomat, China expels Canadian diplomat, another school tries to erase Mother’s Day and more

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