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Ariel Cote was the victim of a cancelation campaign

Tonight: Ariel Cote suffered a cancelation backlash after asking the YWCA of Regina to do better…she’s on the show tonight, why was Tucker Fired?, Harold Jonker video, Billboard Chris accosted again, NY bans gas stoves, Kid Rock sells out tour and more

Artur Pawlowski Guilty

Tonight: Pawlowski guilty, RFK Jr. would pardon Snowdon, Assange if elected, Desantis signs anti-ESG legislation, more testimony from the NCI, Freedom Convoy trucker faces 4 criminal charges 18 months later, AI pioneer quits google, 7th grader buries school officials over “two genders” t-shirt and more

Forging Men as Strong Leaders for their Community

With the attack against masculinity having reached a boiling point, Daya Kramer has picked up his Sword of Truth and is helping men expand their awareness of who they are as a powerful leader in their communities. Learn about ManCraft at https://app.lifecraft.com/mancraft and on Twitter. Connect with Daya on Twitter: https://twitter.com/daya_kramer

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