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Anti-Sogi, Antifa, MillionMarch4Kids, China, Russia, India, The UN Summit and Trudeau’s Righstag moment. The country is splitting and we’re running out of glue. Good thing there’s always good news.

Round Table Night – Episode 8

every Friday night at 9:00 pm EST we gather some of the gang from the LGM.news platform to discuss their most compelling headlines of the week!

Special Guest Dana “Raven” Metcalf

We are joined by Dana Metcalfe (a.k.a. Raven) who will be talking about her arrest and the reasons she chose to cancel the 1Million4Kids march in Toronto and Otawa.

Round Table Night – Episode 7

Not just a new show but a new format! We cross stream the best stories of the week from “Coast to Coast” through our own Independent News Network!

Round Table Nights – Episode 6

Who will be in the house tonight? We have no idea but we know it’s going to be the most interesting show you will find on a Friday night!

A System of Governance that could Heal our Nations

Imagine being able to feel secure and able withstand any financial storm that may rage! It’s not far from reality! Laura-jane is actively helping communities make that financial world a reality. Tune in to hear her present with the nation builders.

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