ICYMI- Looking at the Lockstep

In this episode we look at several clips from around the world to highlight how closely governments are working to bring in agenda 2025.

WTF Canada?

Seriously, is Canada still even a serious nation? We will cover some news and a bunch of updates on upcoming events. Things are picking up steam exponentially

International Panel Discussion:

Official Petition to withdraw Canada from the United Nations & Subsidiary Organizations.
Panel Members: Maria Zeee, Dr Rima Laibow, Doug Porter, Tajana Truthseeker, James Roguski, Wayne Peters, Connie Shields Host: Mark Friesen

Black Swans or Swamp Ducks?

In the midst of some of the most frantic distractions and MSM narratives, what they don’t want you looking at is exactly what we will look at.

Sunday Night Reflections – Liberty and Love

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