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Special Guest Sarah McAbee

Sarah McAbee, a constitutional and January 6 activist from Nashville, Tennessee, is not only a passionate advocate for her husband but also for the entire January 6th community. Recognizing the need for a voice to represent the voiceless, she tirelessly works towards advocating for justice and reform. In her role as Director of Public Affairs […]

The 290 Million dollar case against the truckers (and you) with Marty Moore

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** Facebook has been disallowing our streams! Find and follow us on https://LGM.news I would like to bring more awareness to the class action suit against the truckers. When I heard Marty speaking on it I didn’t waste a second to ask him to join us to give it to us “straight from the horses […]

Guest Pat King

Pat King joins TFM Report to talk about his time as a political prisoner and about a couple incredible upcoming events to raise funds for his legal defense. BrokenArrowBullsAndBash.com Donate: natasha.calvinho@gmail.com

Super Mom Chrystal Peters

Chrystal Peters joins TFM to talk about her recent court charges. After months of shenanigans she has been charged with a hate speech crime and Chrystal explains how the charge came about. Previously Recorded. You can help Chrystal by donating of buying a TShirt. https://www.facebook.com/Chrissyscustomcutz?mibextid=LQQJ4d

An important legal case with Lia Milousis

Jody and Cris talk with Lia Milousis about the case of a separated couple arguing over the medical choices for their children regarding vaccination. The first court decision sided with the mother but it has now gone to appeal. This is an extremely important and interesting case. The final decision will have a lot of […]

Who’s controlling the food with Ed Embry

We are joined by special guest and good friend Edward Embry. Ed is a master researcher and is the definitive source on all things food chain related. Ed will discuss the choke hold on the food supply, CBDC’s the 10 Global zones and MUCH more.

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