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Political Persecution of Trump on FULL Display

Sean discusses today’s trending news, including:* Pennsylvania’s new automatic voter registration* Trump indictment update* Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s fire alarm stunt at the Capitol* The government shutdown battle in Congress Follow Sean on Instagram – @officalseanparnellFollow Sean on Twitter – @SeanParnellUSAGet your Battleground apparel at www.officialseanparnell.com Thank you to our show sponsors:https://deepwellservices.com/https://cabotguns.com/

UN SDG Summit- Part 2

We still have more information to share on the Sustainable Development Goals climate change summit in New York from the 18th-22nd. Here are the links we will be discussing. UN Climate Change Research – Financial Websites https://exponentialroadmap.org/ https://www.carbonbankroll.com/ https://ghgprotocol.org/ https://carbonaccountingfinancials.com/ https://www.bankingonclimatechaos.org/ https://www.gfanzero.com/ https://www.unepfi.org/ https://climatechampions.unfccc.int/system/race-to-zero/ https://oilgaspolicytracker.org/ https://coalpolicytool.org/ https://forest500.org/ https://business.gov.nl/ https://www.abnamro.com/nl/home https://investor.citizensbank.com/about-us/investor-relations.aspx https://www.gabv.org/ https://fairfinanceguide.org/ 1.5 Business Playbook […]

Matt Gaetz Is SO Over the Mark

It’s a grudge match with America’s financial future on the line! Hours after pushing an illuminating vote on term limits, Matt Gaetz is now in the crosshairs of House Republicans who want to EXPEL him!! Talk about being over the mark!! Plus – Meghan Markel fancies herself Senate worthy! Do you think Diane Feinstein is […]

America’s Haters EXPOSED!!

Whom can you trust in Congress? How do we identify IMPOSTORS who pretend to represent our values but don’t? BLISTERING audio soundbites today from Thursday’s first impeachment inquiry hearing that left The Swamp reeling! BUCKLE UP!!

Special Guest Sarah McAbee

Sarah McAbee, a constitutional and January 6 activist from Nashville, Tennessee, is not only a passionate advocate for her husband but also for the entire January 6th community. Recognizing the need for a voice to represent the voiceless, she tirelessly works towards advocating for justice and reform. In her role as Director of Public Affairs […]


LIVE FROM LAHAINA where a developer confirms the plan to STEAL THE LAND FROM LOCALS. We’re also live in the heartland as a family farmer drops THE TRUTH about the attack on the US food supply AND the Assistant US Attorney who prevented agents from investigating THE BIG GUY. Don’t miss a minute!!

China Wired Money to Joe Biden’s Doorstep?!

Sean discusses today’s trending news, including:* Tonight’s GOP debate* Current Biden Pentagon official colluded with Iranian government operatives* China wired money to Joe Biden’s home address* Federal probe into Biden’s handling of classified documents prior to becoming president has grown into a sprawling investigation Follow Sean on Instagram – @officalseanparnellFollow Sean on Twitter – @SeanParnellUSAGet […]


WHAT? Wire transfers from CHINA listed Joe Biden’s DELAWARE HOME as the beneficiary address? SHUT UP! We’ll talk about all things scumbag: Senator Bob Menendez’s dirty money spreading (accepted by other democrats), the meat-to-Egypt scheme that acted as his bribery front, AND Fauci being smuggled into CIA HQ to create a Covid cover story. YOU […]

Dems Dump Lunch Bucket Joe

Getting rid of Joe is the easy part. The MSM and democrat hacks in Congress have been greasing the skids for months. The tricky part is DESTROYING AMERICA and giving Donald Trump a broken, bankrupted country that even HE cannot save.

Canada on the Edge

Anti-Sogi, Antifa, MillionMarch4Kids, China, Russia, India, The UN Summit and Trudeau’s Righstag moment. The country is splitting and we’re running out of glue. Good thing there’s always good news.

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