Trump Vows to Dismantle the DEEP STATE

On the eve of his alleged indictment, President Trump drops a 9 POINT PLAN to dismantle the deep state and give the power back to the people. THIS IS WHY THEY WANT HIM HANDCUFFED, FINGER PRINTED AND PERP WALKED.

Shadoe at Nite March 21st/2023 w/Kari Simpson

Tonight: Kari Simpson breaks down “Premises ID Provincial Registration” for ALL livestock and poultry on your property!, the fight continues against Bill c-18, how much tax money did it cost to “vaccinate” all the illegals who crossed at Roxham Road? and more

Trump Grand Jury Witness TORCHES Case & DeSantis Weighs In!

Michael Cohen is the MAIN WITNESS in Alvin Bragg’s case against President Trump. His former lawyer testified before a Manhattan Grand Jury yesterday and DROPPED BOMBS that torch their case. Plus – Ron DeSantis breaks his silence. Did what he say help him or hurt him? YOU DECIDE.

Shadoe at Nite March 20th/2023

Tonight: Chris Sky arrested in Edmonton, James Reimer says no to “pride” jersey, Canadian politics could blow up tomorrow, Will Trump be arrested tomorrow?, UN released a new climate change report to scare to pants off you, Banking sector still shaky and more

The True Hope Story with David Stephan

True Hope micro nutrients heal depression and anxiety as well as help with overall health. These sound like big claims and they are. It took a ten year battle with health Canada for David Stephan to win the right to make those claims.


YOU WILL NOT GET THIS DEEP OF A DIVE INTO THIS WEEK’S REPORTED ARREST OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP ANYWHERE ELSE. Wendy Bell Radio Network Correspondent Wayne Peters with the players, the politics and the payoffs. PLUS Joe and Jill’s $5.2 MILLION tax discrepancy they can’t explain away. Is SHE the “Fourth Biden”?? Or is it […]

Shadoe at Nite March 17th/2023

Tonight: The National Citizens Inquiry is underway, the latest speculation as to where the virus came from (LOL!!!!), Trudeau’s rambling answer regarding Chinese election interference, City of Calgary recall legislation, Mom freaks out at school after her kid eats bugs and more


The Biden Family and Ukraine. The Biden Family and China. The Biden Family and biolabs. The Biden Family and Metabiota. The Biden Family’s $3 million payout from the CCP. CORRUPTION!!! We’ll tell you who the third Biden to cash in is – as James Comer now says there’s a FOURTH!

Shadoe at Nite March 16th/2023

Tonight: a live blood analyst breaks down some of what she’s seen in samples the last few weeks and it’s alarming, two Edmonton police officers killed in the line of duty, train derailment in Arizona, former Ambassador to China says “abundant evidence” of Beijing grooming Canadian politicians and more