Hindsight is 20/20

We’ve been saving news items through the years. Tonight we introduce a new segment called Hindsight. We bring up some old and not so old news stories to see how well they aged considering all the new information we have. We’ll also toss in a little bit of “Never Forget” while we are at it.

The Not So Great Reset – Redux

This is a re-visit of a show we did last year. That show has gone ….missing. So we’re taking a do-over. In this episode Jody and Cris talk about the new financial system. I the great reset an incremental transition over a few years into a new world order? Or is it a hard and […]

ICYMI- Looking at the Lockstep

In this episode we look at several clips from around the world to highlight how closely governments are working to bring in agenda 2025.

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