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May 10th/2023-Is China playing both sides?

Tonight: A different type of show tonight…a lecture from Dr. James Lindsay on marxism, Naomi Wolfe’s 10 step guide to fascism, Wild fires in AB causing political smoke, New Canadian passport erases history, Maxime Bernier and more

Shadoe at Nite Apr.18th/2023 w/attorney Keith Wilson

Tonight: Keith Wilson joins the show to talk about the Freedom Convoy his clients, the cases still before the courts and yeah…where the money went…also BC MLAs vote to condemn Freedom Convoy while praising vaccine mandates

Shadoe at Nite March 30th/2023

Tonight: Chris Barber joins the show! Trump indicted, Liberals move to censor debate on Bill C-11 (internet censorship law), the trans nonsense continues and more

Shadoe at Nite March 29th/2023

Tonight: Something weird is going on in Alberta, Road blocks in Oxford, England (15 min trial city), French woman faces trial 12 Euro fine for insulting Macron on social media, alarming video of trans activists bullying people in public and more

Shadoe at Nite March 22nd/2023

Tonight: Dallon Leger of EcoGenX who is facing $365 million in fines and up to 3 years in prison from the Sask gov, Libs and Cons statistically tied, BC pharmacist suspended for fake vaxxes, what will living in the “social credit system” look like? and more

Shadoe at Nite March 14th/2023

Tonight: Guest Chris Sky joins the show…also Jeff Stone from Tacit Investigations and Security, Poilievre wants to sue big pharma, Meta to lay off 10 thousand more employees, the SWIFT banking network prepares massive rollout of CBDC and more

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