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Agriculture that can Save a Nation

The potential for economic freedom that’s found in hemp production would allow communities around the world to offset the harm that our politicians insist on inflicting on our nations.

We are a coalition of futurists, innovators, and entrepreneurs that are taking affirmative action to strengthen our communities through self-governance.

These are the foundational discussions that will build our nation.


Ask Me Anything

I’m finding that a lot of people are asking a lot of similar questions. “What do I do to protect my $$$ from devaluing in


What the Hell is Going On?

Donald Lee has been a huge contribution to the freedom-loving community. He’s committed massive amounts of time to help bring the truth to the masses, driving


How to Build a Nation

People have been accustomed to a system of governance that doesn’t allow for them to have full expression of their unalienable rights. This presentation will


Free Speech Lives!

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Street Camo Canada

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