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man known as paul

man known as paul

I’m finding that a lot of people are asking a lot of similar questions.

“What do I do to protect my $$$ from devaluing in hyper inflation?”
“How do we build communities?”
“Economics will never look the same again: Where do I look for business coaching?”
“Who is working on ensuring our energy supply is secure?”
“The government has miserably failed in governing our healthcare. How can we, the people fix this?”
“What’s the truth about Cryptocurrencies?”

And many of the answers to those questions answer more questions.

This evening, we’ll be starting the call off with the steps people will need to take to distance themselves from the monetary system as it collapses.

And going forward every Wednesday, we’re going to be conducting what’s known as an AMA.

“Ask Me Anything”

People who want to be free of all the tyranny, 5th generation warfare, If I can’t answer questions, I’ll be sure to book an expert panelist for future AMA conferences.

For the time being; the sessions will be on YouTube.

The first 6 people to come to the online studio will be able to ask their questions directly (one at a time, with or without camera. Your choice.)

I can host 100 people on the conference line, but you can ask me anything from there as well!

You can connect to the studio in two ways:

Online: https://streamyard.com/t34y7gbigu

Conference line: 780-900-3123

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