Shadoe at Nite March 20th/2023

Tonight: Chris Sky arrested in Edmonton, James Reimer says no to “pride” jersey, Canadian politics could blow up tomorrow, Will Trump be arrested tomorrow?, UN released a new climate change report to scare to pants off you, Banking sector still shaky and more

Shadoe at Nite March 17th/2023

Tonight: The National Citizens Inquiry is underway, the latest speculation as to where the virus came from (LOL!!!!), Trudeau’s rambling answer regarding Chinese election interference, City of Calgary recall legislation, Mom freaks out at school after her kid eats bugs and more

Shadoe at Nite March 15th/2023

Tonight: Are Stats Can employees going door to door asking for information?, Trudeau appoints special “rapporteur” to probe Chinese interference, Liberals continue to stymie Parliamentary committee, Pastor Derek Reimer arrested…again, and more

Shadoe at Nite March 14th/2023

Tonight: Guest Chris Sky joins the show…also Jeff Stone from Tacit Investigations and Security, Poilievre wants to sue big pharma, Meta to lay off 10 thousand more employees, the SWIFT banking network prepares massive rollout of CBDC and more

Shadoe at Nite March 13th/2023

Tonight: Another US banks fails…what should you do?, the Chinese election scandal continues, Meta threatens to block news on facebook and instagram in Canada, Canadian Drag Queen children’s show up for award, protests continue in Europe and more

Event updates with Shaun Newman

Our last opportunity for Shaun and I to get together in advance of his special event next weekend in Edmonton on March 17 & 18, and it’s certainly going to give everyone a lot to talk about!

Shadoe at Nite March 10th/2023

Tonight: Rick Wall of Richland Trucking in Winkler joins to talk about the gathering Monday night at the Winkler public library, are they already installing the 15 min city infrastructure in Edmonton? Major bank collapse in the US affecting Canadian banks, Urban insect farm in Toronto, US censorship committee and more

Shadoe at Nite March 9th/2023

Tonight: Jeff Stone of Tacit Investigations and Security breaks down the latest Chris Sky video, big public meeting coming up in Winkler Monday, Twitter users unhappy with Tr5udeau’s trans women tweet, Liberal ridiculousness in Chinese election interference committee and more

Shadoe at Nite March 8th/2023

Tonight: Special guest Governor General award winning physician with expertise in radiology, oncology, and immunology Dr. William Makis, Testimony in US Congress from the former head of the CDC, Bill C-11 could pass this week, and more info on Chinese election interference