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Round Table Nights – Episode 5

Every Friday night at 9:00 pm EST we will gather a mixed group of the more than one dozen Independent podcasters from the LGM.news platform to discuss their most compelling headlines of the week!

May 16th/2023 with Wayne Peters of What’s Up Canada

Tonight: Wayne Peters of What’s Up Canada joins to discuss, among other things, Chris Sky’s mayoral campaign in TO, MB Tories appear to support child porn books in libraries, idiot reporter argues with Poilievre about why criminals commit crime, US congresswoman moves to impeach FBI director and more

NL town councillor who was removed over “Vaccine” mandates returns to job!

Tonight: Grant Abbott a town councillor from Musgrave Harbour NL was removed from his seat unfairly last year due to “vaccine” mandates…he tells the story tonight, Yes the majority of federal bureaucrats made over 100k, WHO declares end to “global health emergency”, German government admits there’s no evidence masks work, Trudeau/China and more

Artur Pawlowski Guilty

Tonight: Pawlowski guilty, RFK Jr. would pardon Snowdon, Assange if elected, Desantis signs anti-ESG legislation, more testimony from the NCI, Freedom Convoy trucker faces 4 criminal charges 18 months later, AI pioneer quits google, 7th grader buries school officials over “two genders” t-shirt and more

Shadoe at Nite April 29th/2023 w/Eva Chipiuk

Tonight: Attorney Eva Chipiuk gives us an overview of the Sue Bonnie Henry hearings going on this week in BC, Facial recognition is already here, lawyer testifies that Canadian Military Docs were told not to report vaxx injuries, Chris Sky and more

Shadoe at Nite Apr. 25th/2023

Tonight: Theo Fleury and Joseph Bourgault join the show to talk about Canadians for Truth the ,possibility of a new Canadian grassroots party and why they decided to start speaking out against all the nonsense.

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