War, an easy word to use, but not to look at.

Disclosure: **Graphic Content Warning** — War is not pretty, it’s not a video game or. action movie, there will be some clips that some will find incredibly disturbing and shocking.

Shadoe at Nite March 31st/2023

Tonight: Wayne Peters explains why we should say goodbye to “Pax American”, Bill C-11 (internet censorship bill) is still just a bill and will be for at least two more weeks, Trans nonsense continues and more

Shadoe at Nite March 17th/2023

Tonight: The National Citizens Inquiry is underway, the latest speculation as to where the virus came from (LOL!!!!), Trudeau’s rambling answer regarding Chinese election interference, City of Calgary recall legislation, Mom freaks out at school after her kid eats bugs and more

Shadoe at Nite Feb 28th/2023

Tonight: Trudeau calls reporters asking questions about Chinese election interference racist, UNCOVERED Chinese billionaire made huge donation to Trudeau foundation in 2015, FBI says pandemic was caused by a lab leak, Alberta budget, protests in Europe against Ukraine war grow and more

Aliens on Deck!!

New “Docs” on Project Bluebeam – Ukraine war – Resisting Global Conquest

Shadoe at Nite Jan.12/2023

Tonight: Brazil continues to stand up, NDP calls for investigation into AB Premier Danielle Smith, Trudeau won’t commit to LNG trade with Japan, the Natural gas joke, Project Veritas gets some dirt on Pfizer, the fight against indoctrinating children and more

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