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Special Guest Sarah McAbee

TFM Report

TFM Report

Sarah McAbee, a constitutional and January 6 activist from Nashville, Tennessee, is not only a passionate advocate for her husband but also for the entire January 6th community. Recognizing the need for a voice to represent the voiceless, she tirelessly works towards advocating for justice and reform. In her role as Director of Public Affairs at The Real J6 and Executive Director of Stand in the Gap Foundation, Sarah dedicates her time and efforts to champion the cause of those affected by the events of January 6th. She strives to ensure that their stories are heard and that their rights are protected, amplifying their collective voice in the pursuit of justice. Additionally, Sarah remains steadfast in her advocacy for her husband, Ronald Colton McAbee, who bravely attempted to save the life of Rosanne Boyland, one of the victims tragically lost on that day. Despite his innocence, Colton continues to be held behind bars, further fueling Sarah’s determination to seek truth and fairness for the entire January 6th community.

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