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A message to the injured, You are not alone!

Wayne Peters

Wayne Peters

We spend a lot of time covering the problems, this show we delve into some defiance and justice! It has taken some time for support channels and platforms to become impactful so I’m sure much of this will be things people need to hear. Tonight we get an update with fellow LGM.news contributors from “The Fringe Majority Podcast” Jody and Chris to give us some information people need, you probably know someone who needs it. We will be covering two huge initiatives. We can all find things to argue about, it’s time for more places to direct our energy and resources that we all agree upon.
We exist through grass roots crowd sourcing support, our work will always be free but our dictator is silencing us anyway! You can help save Independent journalism in Canada in 2 ways. You can “Buy us a Coffee” buymeacoffee.com/WhatsUpC or if you prefer to send an eTransfer: donate@whatsupcanada.org

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