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When whistleblowers tell more truth than the media and ‘conspiracy theorists’ are consistently proven right, you know you live in a country gone mad. Today


American Justice Is A Joke

Justice can’t be blind if it chooses who will WIN and who will be SHACKLED and MUZZLED. Winners: Swampthings, climate wackos, Hamas lovers, globalists. Losers?


Two Americas

One America is about freedom, family, and what is right. The other America is about power, greed, and control. Your choice isn’t complicated. But you


The Cheat Is On

Bad people with bad ideas need more than special sauce to win elections. THEY NEED TO CHEAT. The 2024 Cheat Machine is now operational, and


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And the Lies Continue...

We're Coming For You!

Musk's Mission to Save Free Speech

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