Looking Glass
Media Coalition

What is the Looking Glass Media Coalition?

Do you have too many social media platforms to follow? We bet you still don’t get notifications or alerts? 

Do you miss the live streams and broadcasters you want to see because of censorship, and when you do find them you can’t share their work? We welcome you to see what happens when you break through the censorship lens. 

We know that information is powerful, executing action based on informed decisions is the only path to effective change.

There are many variations of platform solutions available, but the majority suffer controls or we just can’t make ourselves love them. We wanted to bring communities a different direction, together. We are doing this by bringing your most trusted voices together. 

We offer creators something different, “direct to creator support”, unlimited community reach potential, and you the viewer unlimited direct access.

We believe in truth, integrity, honour, good journalism practises,  humour, but mostly common sense. We do not believe in platform manipulation, censorship, corruption, propaganda or rewriting the free speech social contract for political purpose or agenda. No more randomized word salads which don’t seem even slightly believable. 

If you are going to use your time, we need to be sure you are not wasting it. All “Legacy Media” on the Internet tend to repeat predefined chunks of propaganda as necessary to keep people off balance and misinformed.

You wanted a content creator and community friendly hub that allows for a unique support model for creators and maximum user value for you the community. 

Direct to creator support and multiple channel direct viewing is making us the first truly independent journalist/community driven live stream aggregate generator on the Internet. 

You wont see a mess of advertising on the streams here because we offer only a small handful of model structures to advertisers. This is to offer just enough prime promotional opportunities to keep the lights on.  

The generated content is therefore always free from advertising, repetition, propaganda and censorship! 

This is what the Looking Glass Media Coalition is.

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