Where should these boots on the ground go next?

After a stay back home to regroup, catch-up, and get some repairs done, (what we could afford), the van and Mags will be back on the road this week. Where will we end up? We have a few ideas, come help us decide!

State of the Union Address/Comedy Show

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Going in the D.C. Gulag to visit J6 Prisoners – What Door Did Micki Go Into?

Sherri Talks About Going in the D.C. Gulag to visit J6 Prisoners With – What Door Did Micki Go Into? Please share share share these videos. More to come soon about her visits with 2 different prisoners Friday. Please help support MagAmericans MagAmericans.com We are 100% Viewer Funded More portions of the interview to come.

Tuesday Night Talks with Mags and Faith

Tonight we speak with Sherri “SapphirePatriot”. She has been at the J6 Vigil at the D.C. gulag supporting our political prisoners since August 1st, some now being held over 748 days. And to open the show we speak with Indiana Bob, a member of a wonderful group of Patriots the 1776 Restoration Movement traveling the […]