Episode #398 – Dr. Robert Malone

He is the inventor of the nine original mRNA vaccine patents, which were originally filed in 1989 (including both the idea of mRNA vaccines and the original proof of principle experiments) and RNA transfection. He has close to 100 peer-reviewed publications which have been cited over 12,000 times. He is the President of the Global […]

Episode #361 – Andrea Martin

Nutritionist and proud mom. Andrea tells the story of being stuck in a Hamilton hospital and having her 9 month old tested against her will. Let me know what you think Text me 587-217-8500

Episode #360 – Tom Luongo & Alex Krainer 3.0

One is a former research chemist, amateur dairy goat farmer, libertarian & economist whos work can be found on sites like Zero Hedge & Newsmax media The other is a Croatian national, former hedge fund manager, author, contributing editor at Zero Hedge. We discuss the banking industry, Russia/Ukraine & world politics. Let me know what […]

Episode #359 – Chuck Prodonick & David Moriarity

Chuck is a former Sergeant who served 4 tours & David is a former Corporal who served 1 tour. Together they were members of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and toured together in Afghanistan. Let me know what you think Text me 587-21 7-8500

Episode #358 – The Pleb

Truck driver, internet troll and now independent journalist. We discuss drag shows, pronouns & the clown world. Let me know what you think Text me 587- 217-8500

Episode #357 – Jocelyn Burzuik

She is the president of Sundance Construction. We discuss her long drawn out battle with the Manitoba government in trying to build on her land.  Let me know what you thinkText me 587-217-8500

2’sDay Mashup #34

222 Minutes hops on to discuss this week’s headlines which include great white supremacy, the NHL trans hockey game, Danielle Smith & a dog that whoops ass.

Episode #356 – Tracey Wilson

She is the VP of public relations for Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR). We discuss Bill C-21. Let me know what you thinkText me 587-217-8500