The True Hope Story with David Stephan

True Hope micro nutrients heal depression and anxiety as well as help with overall health. These sound like big claims and they are. It took a ten year battle with health Canada for David Stephan to win the right to make those claims.

Food Secruity with Edward Embry

Edward Embry is a farmer in Ontario. He is also a researcher and has uncovered many things about the manipulation of our food supply.

The OTHER ‘N’ Word

Jody and Cris talk about how integrated the Canadian government is with the WEF and look a little deeper at the unholy offspring of the National Socialist party members.

Wolves, Wars, and Words

Jody and Cris catch up on the weekend news, talk about the World Wide Rally and expose the people behind the global psy-op campaign. No big deal.

Temper Tantrums and Terrorism

Jody and Cris talk about 15 minute cities, Turkey, East Palestine and the many recent attacks on various parts of the planet. Which, of course, team Tyranny is getting nervous.

Bail Outs, Bail Ins, and Bail Bonds

Jody and Cris talk about; Proposed bailouts for the sick care system with an I.V. drip of Digital ID. The bail ins that banks don’t want you to know about And the second piece of Canadian legislation that seeks to unjustly jail Canadian citizens Plus the curious case of why Cris’ internet connection wasn’t working […]