Arizona was an engineered sabotage to go after Republican voters and Kari Lake says she has the goods to prove it. PLUS the damning piece of evidence that dooms Alvin Bragg’s case against Donald Trump AND why the left is now calling Van Jones an Uncle Tom. BUCKLE UP!

Trump Vows to Dismantle the DEEP STATE

On the eve of his alleged indictment, President Trump drops a 9 POINT PLAN to dismantle the deep state and give the power back to the people. THIS IS WHY THEY WANT HIM HANDCUFFED, FINGER PRINTED AND PERP WALKED.

Trump Grand Jury Witness TORCHES Case & DeSantis Weighs In!

Michael Cohen is the MAIN WITNESS in Alvin Bragg’s case against President Trump. His former lawyer testified before a Manhattan Grand Jury yesterday and DROPPED BOMBS that torch their case. Plus – Ron DeSantis breaks his silence. Did what he say help him or hurt him? YOU DECIDE.


YOU WILL NOT GET THIS DEEP OF A DIVE INTO THIS WEEK’S REPORTED ARREST OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP ANYWHERE ELSE. Wendy Bell Radio Network Correspondent Wayne Peters with the players, the politics and the payoffs. PLUS Joe and Jill’s $5.2 MILLION tax discrepancy they can’t explain away. Is SHE the “Fourth Biden”?? Or is it […]


The Biden Family and Ukraine. The Biden Family and China. The Biden Family and biolabs. The Biden Family and Metabiota. The Biden Family’s $3 million payout from the CCP. CORRUPTION!!! We’ll tell you who the third Biden to cash in is – as James Comer now says there’s a FOURTH!

Fauci’s Last Gasp is an Ugly One

Narcissism+Ego+Frankenstein Science = Tony Fauci. He SWEARS he cares! He SAVED LIVES! BELIEVE HIM! The Leftist Media/Activist Empire is unraveling, and we have the delicious facts and science to prove it.

And the Sheep Awaken

A billionaire bank bailout that benefits… GASP… Gavin Newsom? Obama and Hilary donors, too? Plus a $3 MILLION deposit from CHINA passed through to the Biden Crime Family Syndicate? Geez. It almost feels like we’re being SCREWED by elite jagoffs. Time to awaken the sheep. BUCKLE UP! Today’s gonna TICK YOU OFF!

Why DEI Should DIE

We are live with Fox Business’s CHARLES PAYNE to discuss the banking debacle, YOUR MONEY, and the move away from DEI nonsense in America.

When Your Chickens Come Home to Roost

Which tastes better? Chicken or crow? TODAY – Fauci, the left-wing media, the government censorship machine, the FBI AND “univestable” blue states are in our crosshairs… as JULIE KELLY from American Greatness joins us LIVE!