Democrats Have Lost Control

The desire to control our lives is a MAJOR driver of so much Democrat suck in America today. They want to control our food. They want to control the media. They desperately want to control the narrative at the border. They want to silence truth tellers and imprison honest journalists. They want your children. Your […]

It’s Trump’s Fault

The economy sucks. It’s Trump’s fault. Illegal immigrant murderers are killing Americans. It’s Trump’s Fault. The Supreme Court agrees to hear his immunity case and pushes back a pivotal Trump trial date. That’s Trump’s fault too. Democrats are having a really tough time propping up a failing, frail and corrupt Joe Biden, so they pull […]

The Elephant in the Room

A rapidly-spreading conservative agenda of safety, freedom, and common sense is washing over America. From coaches to farmers to Gen Z voters, AMERICANS WANT THEIR COUNTRY BACK. That means voting smarter, litigating effectively, and stepping out from the shadows to take head-on the people destroying America. Listen as democrats mock our feelings about 2024 being […]

Trickle Truth

Trickle truthers are serial liars, narcissists, cheaters and fakes who drop small nuggets of truth when they get caught in a scheme. This trickling is a stall tactic and diversion, and they hope we are satisfied once they open the spigot. BUT FACTS ARE FACTS, and today we dive into those facts. The CIA is […]

Time’s Up

Donald Trump’s record-setting South Carolina drubbing of Nikki Haley with more primary votes ever tabulated and the largest margin of loss in a presidential candidate’s home state drives a stake through the Uniparty’s spin that America is Tired of Trump. REPUBLICANS ARE ENGAGED, EAGER AND EXCITED – and that is a triple threat no amount […]

It’s Show Time

With mountains of proof that Joe Biden is the most corrupt president in American history, the Left resorts to magic tricks to disappear evidence, seize computers, smear trusted informants, and memory-hole the Biden Crime Family debacle that threatens to unravel their plan to destroy American from within.

The Noose Is Tightening

What do Paul Ryan, Kathy Hochul, Dan Goldman, Megan McCain and Van Jones have in common? That really uncomfortable feeling knowing their brand of politics has flushed our country down the toilet and AMERICANS ARE ANGRY. Listen to the voices of panic today and connect the dots. New York is too restrictive for business. Chicago […]

The Same Dirty Tricks

Pay close attention to the pants-on-fire warnings! They tell us Donald Trump is a threat to democracy! That Russia is (again) meddling in our elections! And that a Trump re-election will mean the end of elections in America! The playbook hasn’t changed in 50 years. Exposing their suck would be more enjoyable if we weren’t […]


From California to New York and the White House to our borders, the USA is LOSING. Democrats choose migrants over Americans. Our courts are corrupted. Our community centers are invaded. Our safety is violated. And democrats call all this madness the price of fairness. BUCKLE UP!

America’s Revolution Begins

THE FINAL STRAW. An activist NYC judge’s $355 million judgment against President Trump triggers a trucker revolution with mass pushback brewing on America’s highways. Listen to the wide array of voices today. Citizens in East Palestine who’ve been ignored, except for a photo op. A black Harvard professor fired for debunking the police-hate-black-people myth. A […]

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