Former Edmonton Police (EPS) Officers Bring Receipts on Abuses of Powers

On Thursday we have 2 former Edmonton Police Service (EPS) Officers who are no longer serving the service, but foremer Staff Sgt Rick Abbott and Natasha Gonek are still serving the people. These two former officers are the kind of folks Canada needs. They are taking the risks by continuing to investigate and get hard answers in order to continue to serve the good people honourably and ethically.

They stand with you and will bring the results of their investigation to us all: Analysis Report, Executive Summary & FOIP February 2024.

The outrage against Police is growing dangerously, understanding where to accurately express that outrage is critical. No one wants to live in anarchy any more than in a tyranny, this is a must watch for all who need to understand there are still good cops out there, we can help them help us, and now is the time to do exactly that!

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