I’m Not Suicidal, You Need To Know.

This show will confirm a lot of suspicions. This evidence is the results of openly available research. Foreign meddling and interference is a big topic these days in Canada. I think it's only such a big discussion because they are counting on no one like me to discover the reality of the murky depths of said infiltration, interference, and meddling. If it seems you the citizen has no say in our race to WWIII, this may be a significant reason why.

While they political muppets joust and point their narrative laden fingers at the usual suspects I can't believe not one person or platform has broken this story yet. I've been holding back a few weeks almost hoping someone might.

So… to understand the title of this show I have to say, I know it's going to be a shocking expose. It will make everyone question who actually runs Canada and who hasn't infiltrated Canada? I'm going to show you their own documents that can only be understood as conflicts of interest bordering on treason.

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