Special Event: Watch Party: Decoding Evil, See the Signs

DISCLAIMER*** This one won’t be “live streamed” in the usual sense, the subject matter will be extremely disturbing for many.
We will be watching the "Radical Evil: How We Became Mass Murderers (Nazi Documentary) | Real Stories." A documentary, along the way we will take the time to dissect and unpack many of the "mechanics" of "how" the German people were turned from an advanced, educated society… into something hard to recognize as human. A walk through the mental destruction of 1st world nation if you will. You wont want your little ones running around while you watch this with us

The stream will start a little later than usual at 8:00 pm central. After we get through the introductions it will have to be turned off on Facebook and Youtube. I won't be cancelled for this but it will give people time to get over to Rumble, and to watch it entirely, sorry if it's an inconvenience but it's necessary.

You might ask why would I do something too disturbing for Live Streaming?

Believe me both Michelle and I struggled with this but the parallels to what we are enduring today are even more disturbing than pretending it isn't happening, we need to keep our eyes open to the sings, to learn from this, so it doesn't become us.

People need to understand these parallels in order to avoid getting steamrolled by them…

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